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It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you. I'm committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams. What do you want to change? Is it time to change careers & start your own business? Is it time to let go of a limiting belief? Do you need a help to become aware of your blind spots? You have found the right place to get going on your future. Call me today for complementary 30 minute consultation to talk about your dreams.

Cathy Meyers - Career/Life Coach, NLP Trainer
Cathy Meyers - Career/Life Coach, NLP Trainer
Cathy comes to the field of personal performance & intervention with a wealth of experience & information. She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. Most recently she studied "Convergence Coaching" as taught by Lance Wallnau. Additional training includes Creating Your Future Coaching Techniques(R) which she learned from the best in the field: Tad & Adriana James. Her training includes studying with one of the foremost experts in Wellness Kinesiology; Wayne Topping, becoming certified in Stress Release Techniques. She is also trained in The Winslow Assessment Profile which is used by many corporations to assist leadership in performing at their best. Cathy has her own personal story of overcoming physical, emotional & financial challenges which will be shared in her upcoming book. Her business experience includes Office Mgr and Accountant for a Family owned contracting business, Accountant for a non-profit organization and 9 plus years as a Realtor. Taking on the challenging work of short sales she used her training to successfully negotiate with banks & help her clients through the stressful & challenging short sale process. If you want to learn from someone who has been in the trenches in real life business & knowledgeable in the field of personal change & performance, Cathy is the Coach for you. She will assist you in overcoming obstacles & bringing out your best. She also has a wealth of experience working with charitable organizations & churches, organizing events, creating publications & power point presentations.
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