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NLP and Coach Certification Training 

This Unique NLP Practitioner Training is taught & presented from a Christian perspective. At completion you will be certified as an NLP Practitioner and Coach.

This training provides certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Personal Success Coaching. In only 7 days you'll  be able to use these state of the art coaching techniques with surprising ease. Along with the instruction attention is given to Christian values and principals. You will have what you need to get yourself, your clients or your management team "unstuck" and moving to toward their goals, destiny and God given purpose. The training includes personal workshop time. This not only gives hands on practice using what you've learned but also provides the opportunity to effectively begin the processes of healing issues that have prevented you from reaching your goals, dreams & destiny. You will learn how to use the "Language of the Mind" to consistently achieve your goals with your career, ministry & life.
The NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification - 
What will I learn from it? What benefits will I gain?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the most powerful set of techniques with the potential to make significant, fast and easy changes in your own life and to assist others. It begins with a core set of fundamental principals that allow you to begin to choose an empowering state of mind.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the most practical, results oriented technology of detecting, understanding and getting in control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. We will show you how to use this with self and others — individually and as a coach.
During the Practitioner Training you will learn:
1) The Basis of NLP –  Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, your emotions and your behavior. This is the clearest and easiest model of how people learn, communicate, and create change in themselves or others.
2) 11 principles of achieving your goals used by all successful goal setters
·     • The difference between goals you achieve and goals you don’t achieve
·     • Learn to set goals and always achieve them
·     • Discover how to ask questions so that your (or someone else’s) goals          become free from confusion or ambiguity
3) Rapport - how to create instant liking and agreement
·     • Instantly be able to switch onto mutual understanding with others
·     • Increase your sensitivity to body-language and its true meaning
·     • How to use unconscious body postures so that people unconsciously associate positively with you
·     • Identify how to use your voice tonality to build rapport (even on the phone)
·     • How to create instant liking when communicating with friends, relatives, even people you don’t know
4)  Representational Systems
    Our 5 senses are used to represent internally the information from the world.
·     • Become aware of how our 5 senses are represented internally in the nervous system
·     • Discover how what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste have an influence on our physical response (whether we are conscious of the process or not) People have different preferences in how they use the 5 senses to process information internally. 
        Learn how to match this to create instant rapport and mutual agreement
·     • Identify and learn how eye movements reflect a person’s real thoughts
·     • Find out how to increase creativity, flexibility and learning by using the eye patterns. 
5) Submodalities– the secret programming software of your mind
·     • Find out the inner encoding mechanism of your brain and take control of it.
6) From the NLP Practitioner CD Collection(or MP3): “Sensory Acuity” with Tad James.
·     • Learn to create a sequence of instructions to modify your limiting beliefs
·     • Un-useful emotional responses? Discover how to change them with the Swish Pattern
7) Language Patterns
The words you use show off your intellectual attributes and your personal characteristics.The words we use are chosen unconsciously but they have a special meaning for each individual.
·     • Learn how to recognize what type of personality is hiding behind different types of words.
·     • Find out how to customize your speech for each individual to increase acceptance and communication.
·     • Learn how to use abstract language to achieve instant agreement.
·     • Discover how 3 questions can help you to reveal specific information about any concealed subject (like a presenting problem)
·     • Challenge and overcome objections elegantly
·     • How to assist someone in changing their perspective
8) Anchoring: how to control your feelings and your state of mind
·     • How to be in charge of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it
·     • Learn how to set up a personal trigger or stimulus which can move you in a specific direction
·     • Discover how to free yourself from an unwanted internal response to some (past or present) external trigger, like someone’s voice
·     • Find out how to link your strong personal resources with your ability to access them whenever you want
·     • Overcome procrastination.
9) NLP Strategies
How to control your mental sequence of internal processes to create specific results.
10) Parts Integration– stop inner conflicts
·     • How to move beyond “I want this BUT I’m not sure”, “I can’t decide between these two things”,
When You Attend Our Training You Will Be Able to Use NLP Applications in:
·     • Business and Personal Coaching
·     • All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication
·     • Learning and Educational Coaching
·     • To Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level
·     • Therapy and Relationship Coaching

Learn & make new friendsThe dates for our next training:
To be announced.
First day starts at 10 am.
Cost: $3000 
Register by (date to be annouced) and get the early bird special: $2800

When your register with a minimum $500 deposit pre-study materials (NLP Training Manual, 2 books and CD's or Mp3's) will be shipped to you so you can get started learning right away!
NLP Practitioner CD set for Pre-study
NLP Practitioner CD set for Pre-study
This 20 CD set(also available in mp3 format), recorded by Tad James, will assist you in becoming proficient in NLP coaching techniques at the Practitioner level.

Payment plans are also available - call for more info.

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