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Support for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Our company has a heart for Pastors and those in Leadership. We understand the daily aspects of shepherding a group of people, plus the potential to reach & change many lives now and for eternity. We are focused on providing state of the art personal change techniques to assist in overcoming personal obstacles and en able you to reach your God given destiny, purpose & calling. 

Our coaching resources include the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, Convergence Coaching (as taught by Lance Wallnau), "Creating Your Future" (TM) Coaching Techniques and Stress Release processes. NLP has the unique ability to focus on specific troublesome areas and teach specifically the process of how to "bring every thought captive".

Bridge to Success & ExcellenceTo use a METAPHOR, NLP helps create new neurological pathways in your brain, like bridges, over or around old patterns & habits until the new habits become stronger and the old pathways fade away from lack of use. In this way it becomes a method for literally renewing your mind.

Areas where it has proved extremely useful are in dealing with past negative experiences or memories (whether from childhood or more recently), reoccurring negative thoughts or beliefs, un-resourceful states/feelings, anger, depression, bad habits & functional addictions.You'll also be happy to discover that, with our particular style of coaching, change can happen in a relatively short period of time. Clients no longer need to waste valuable time & energy fighting with negative thoughts or old habits for months or even years. 

NLP is not only useful for overcoming various life challenges, but it is also famous for building rapport with others, improving communication, teaching & presentation skills, understanding group dynamics & assistance with team building within an organization - important skills for anyone in leadership.

Coaching sessions are also available for an assessment of your strengths, talents,personality & teaching style.   

To schedule your free 20 minute consultation and discover how our Personal Leadership Coaching can assist you in renewing your mind, email Cathy Meyers at Coaching can be done in person or via Skype.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

10 hours of Life Changing Coaching for only $347.00!  (Reg. Price $500)

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